it's my sister's birthday!

Finally! I like it every time I make something for someone's birthday and she'd say "I can't wait for my birthday!" So I did everything I could to make this a very special one. As if I'm joining a challenge or making a class sample! It took me almost a day to finish this --- and when I thought it's done, I had to tear out some stuff and add some more... of course it's for my sister whom I really love.

Sister dear, I pray for everything that's best for you. Anything that makes you truly happy. Pure joy. Peace of mind. Good health. More time with people who matter. I have more wishes but I want God to focus on these first. hehehe. Because I believe the rest will follow :) Thank You Lord in advance!

I miss you manghud. (I can't wait for December! *kag gulpi lang ko nag syagit* hahaha!) By the way, ano gusto mo nga present?

Mediums... burnt red TA glimmer mist, ink, crackle paint, blackAC glitter cardstock for the birdcage, prima flowers, ruffled rose I bought especially for Anne (kamahal bala!), MS punches, and 4 different Sizzix dies.... Best time doing this ever!

... this is my most fave part: "I love you little sister, more than you'll ever know" you know why? Because it says it all. My sister and I don't get to talk too often lately, especially when she has concerns or something because I'm the worst listener. But I hope she knows what's in my heart :) I think she knows :)

Credits: Pencil Lines sketch 207 and The Color Room 26.


Margaret UY said...

i love this layout very much....wish i can make something as gorgeous as this! super luv it mader!

Anne said...

*hikbi-hikbi-hikbi* not the worst listener uy. ober ka naman imo ya. amo gid lang na guro ang mga eldest nga bata hehehe

i like the fact that the bird is outside the cage. that reflects how i wish to be these days...buot silingon you understood gid gihapon kon ano ang akon na feel hahahaha