crazy week... crazy sale...

It's been a crazy week. classes. gifts. projects. early Christmas party. This morning the boys had their jabs, now I'm on way to help make n takes at Made With Love, later tonight I'll decorate a bulletin board at the church before Eucharist starts. If I get lucky, I can go home while kids are still up, so I could play with them and recharge otherwise I'll just decide to feel lucky still coz it means I'd have free time to wrap presents. Whew!

I wanna thank my hubby, Benjo for helping and supporting and loving me all these time of craziness. I honor him for understanding me in my mood swings, my forgetfulness (i tell you it really sucks!) and giving me hugs and kisses along the way without me asking for it =)

Another crazy, unbelievable thing happening around town... MWL's storewide 40% off SALE for the store's 7th birthday celebration! (not to mention the fun events they're having now... cropathon, make n takes, etc!) ...heading there now to help out along with other DT's. It's my first time to attend as part of the team! I feel so elated =)

Hope to see you there!

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mysocalledpurrplelife said...

sometimes we had nothing to do...sometimes we just cant squeeze everything up...but that's the craziness of it :)) miss you na gid!

bebang said...

miss you too cathyne .. hope to hang out with you soon :)

mysocalledpurrplelife said...

tani eh...tani gid.