foretaste of heaven

Just got back from a 4-day convivence in this nice resort hotel in Malaysia. That retreat with my hubby and 83 more brothers and sisters from our Neo-Catecumenal Way community, I want to say out loud, really changed my life. It changed my perspective on life in a great great way. The life experiences of many, the message of hope about death, heaven and hell, here and now in my present life, my sins, my weaknesses, and God's great love for me despite all of those were laid clearly in front of me --- and I never felt this peaceful in my entire life. I pray that this state stays with me for the longest time. I am truly happy. Happiness from deep within. The kind of joy without the loud laugh. It makes me cry in fact. The kind of happiness that I need not show and tell because it's just between me and God.

I was saying to a brother while we were on board our bus, I'm scared of going back --- to the real world, outside the comfort zone of that spirit-filled retreat. But I quickly reminded myself to just be ready all the time and look up, beg for His mercy. So now, I am back, with a prayer: Holy Spirit please be with me and my hubby in facing life... and occasional "deaths"... hoping that You are always there for us lifting us up in each and every "resurrection"...

Sharing with you some of my favorite photos :) hope it shows here how our two boys loved the vacation as well :)

... more photos  HERE.


Margaret UY said...

Wonderful pics! you're glowing with the presence of the holy spirit!

Benjo said...

I totally agree with everything that you said! That experience was really great, made me realize that as early as we are still young (in the community, we are considered the youngest, hehehehe), we have given this beautiful blessings of understanding sickness, old age, death, judgment, heaven and hell. :D Thank God for this! :D

Love the photos as well, a physical manifestation of the joys that we are feeling. :D