good and bad and good and good

good: just finished my 5th class for this month, two more to go!

bad: had some unpleasant encounter with someone today :( but I already talked (or should i say Sms-ed) the person and i hope she gets the message right. If not then maybe we need to talk about it some more.

good: played Christmas songs in class today while making pages of Happy Traditions (Christmas themed) glad they like it :) thanks BB and Maggie for the help :)

good: taught side by side with someone I really admire for her great work and her kind heart, her passion for teaching and her love for her son.

bad: forgot about lunch and ate pretzel and a lot more after class :(

good: I'm 2 LRT stations away from home.

hey, more good news than bad :) God loves me! and you too! :)

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mysocalledpurrplelife said...

forget about the's too short to think about bad things, bad people, bad experience, and bad memories :)

Margaret UY said...

you still have pizza in the oven! 2 slices...

shaggyfish said...

im also happy to teach side by side with you twice in the week!
abt one of the bad incident... you done your part... and we move on, forgive and love more! i know you full of love.. esp when you teach and share your passion of scrapbooking to kids!
gonna miss you when you going back for 1half month right!!!! keep blogging and will stalk you here!