happy where I am

Been here for a week but it feels like we came only today. I miss my papers, scissors and glue but I miss my hometown more :) Thank You Lord (and Baby!) for making this happen!

Here's the plan...

[check] week one: family

[        ] week two: friends
[        ] week three: mommyla
[        ] week four: honeymoon part 2 ... baby girl?hahahaha
[        ] week five: relatives, Lola Pering's birthday
[        ] week six: family again

Lord I offer you my plans.... btw, I changed my boring hairstyle to something I never ever dreamt about: BANGS!!! hahaha ... tell me what you think, and please, be kind lol!

P.S. I miss Benjo :(

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Margaret UY said...

Tita Arsenia... you look Hoooot!! hehehe joke! You look gorgeous dear!