Happy Birthday Benjo Rulona!

He just turned 36! So it means that for the next six months, we are both 36. Comes August, because I'll be 37, he will call me "Ate" which means, elder sister. He really likes it that I'm older than him. What the? :)

We had no plans whatsoever for his birthday, except that I wanted to make him happy. I gave him 3 new shirts which he very much liked (he wore one to the office, and changed to another one when he got home... The one he's wearing in the photo below). Look at the smile. Ain't he happy?

We are happy too :) thankful to God for a number of continuous blessings He poured on us lately. Thank you Lord! Please make us more deserving of your love.... Give us the grace to be more faithful to You.

I also made this special chiffon cake... The original plan was just white icing and I'll write something on it but found out I had no coloring. What to do? Search the fridge! Thanks for my kiddos' oreo cookies and gummies! To the rescue! So I call this cake trying-hard-black-forest-oreo-orange-chiffon cake hahaha!

So glad that our neighbors Noy and Cathy dropped by! Since it was an unplanned bonding, they brought their dinner, thus the plenty food! (Thank you Mare and Pare!) ... Add to that, 4 young friends JJ, Cyprian, Jolene, Thecla from NC Way community came by to do their preparation too... It was like we really had an instant party!

Is a special day complete without some scrappy goodness? Here's a 6x6 layout I made: a certification actually, valid for one day ...

Pasting here my FB greetings: God loves me, kuya and migs.... Because He created you to be my GG and their Daddy =) I honor Mommy and Daddy for raising you to be such a fine gentleman, yet humble, loving and faithful husband and a dedicated Dad (uuuy ngisiii hehehe) Happy Birthday Baby! I love you! =)


Benjo said...

Thank you very much, BB! You are basically God's Greatest Gift to me! Muwah! :D

bebang said...