just one of those days

It's not one of the best days of my life... I just feel so down...

But I want to believe its a good day because of these handsome little gentlemen who adore me.  Who loves my company. Who would stop at anything they are doing just to give me a kiss and a hug. Who would still say I love you Mommy even if I pinch their cheeks a hundred times a day.

And ...
  • Miguel doesn't wear diapers anymore. Two days of potty training and he did it! (I remember it also took him 2 days to learn how to wear flip flops!)
  • Kuya knows to ride his bike. 
  • We played. We put lots of coins in his coin bank together... played with foam alphabets.
  • Watched Hi-5 with the 2 cuties. With tickle-war and lots of kisses on the side.
  • I worked out for 25 minutes.
  • I prayed.
  • I did my pedicure. Nicely.
  • We have roof over our heads. A nice and clean one.
  • I have a loving and supportive husband. Who told me he loved what I wore yesterday. Plain shirt, jeans and a fitflop. He said it many times before but I still like it every time he does. 
  • I had a nice chat with a friend. Was it nice? I think we gossiped a little bit haha well it felt nice.
  • I teach and scrap on days that I choose. 
  • And this made me smile today :) I got a blog award here. Thanks so much smdluxe! So sweet of you.... see ya around the blogosphere. 
Apparently, it's not really so bad right. God loves me. I am blessed. 

By the way,  I made 2 cards for cousin-in-law Jill and my dear friend Tatskie... wish I could find time to make more... 

Feels so good to share.  Why do I always forget. Night. Sweet dreams to us.... 

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Iris Babao Uy said...

Hi Genevive! I loved reading your post today. You really have a lot to be thankful for. You are beautiful, talented, loved by your family and friends, successful, and you are a child of God!

By the way, you got picked to win the small gift I am giving away for my birthday! I hope you will enjoy it. Please email me your address there.Thanks!