new home

It's not our home yet, we are still renting. But hubby and I are hopeful that in time, He will provide us :) I will let you know if that happens! Meanwhile, I'm loving our new place....
Especially this...

... makes me so inspired to create... but the whole house (and a gallon of Dettol) is calling my name. So fixing my 'haven' in between unpacking and cleaning and sorting is such a treat :)

I have got lots of plans for this room ... but I always remind myself, it must be God's plan, not mine. Because lately, He has been extremely generous to me and my family. And I believe it's because we said yes to His plans.  Eventhough at first it felt like it was not what we wanted, but in the end He surprised us with blessings, things and happenings beyond our hopes... He is the potter, we are the clay. 

Happy to share with you the very first project I made in my new room (I mean, our room. Coz I share this room with my boys, it's their playroom too, lol) It's a birthday card for our little sister, Juris.

      Happy Birthday Juris! We love you! :)


Benjo said...

God's Plans are the best plans! It is so amazing how the whole universe transpires once God's direct us to His Plans! :D

And hey, BB, it is my photography room too. hehehe.

bebang said...

thank you for everything BB! :)