this day, a decade ago...

It was a sad valentines evening for me. All my three sisters had roses from their boyfriends who were also there, while I got none because --- I had no boyfriend at 27! So I made a bargain to God which I cannot share because it's just between me and Him :) hahaha! And it seemed He liked my bargain because the day after, February 15, I met Benjo for the first time.

About a  month after ... he visited me in my hometown. An 8-hour bus trip from his place.
He became my boyfriend the day after (lol). And he kept on visiting me every other weekend. Until he got tired.... (of that 8-hour bus trips?)


A few months after he asked me to marry him via SMS. How unromantic! (lol)
A few months after he and my mom-in-law visited our hometown to formalize our wedding plans.
And we got married May 2003 :)

And we lived  happily ever after?

Nope. Because we have challenges everyday just like every couple on earth. Like last night I cried of frustration because our son refused to sleep and I very much wanted to blog. And my younger son kept on waking up because he wanted his blanket and PJ's fixed.  While the Daddy was snoring hahaha. It was so not in a valentine eve mood in the bedroom. I know God understands me when I hate such situations. I just pray. And sometimes walk out. Then go back to bed. And pray some more.

I am blessed. It's not a perfect life nor a perfect marriage. But its good. I love it. I believe its because God is my number one valentine (there, I'm giving you a hint of the bargain). I love you Lord! Happy 10th valentines Day to us!

And to my second valentine, the manifestation of God's love for me in this world, here's for you... I love you BB. Sorry that I was a bitch last night. I hope you like the socks I gave you hehehe... Happy 9th valentines day to us! :)

For this mini, I used Websters pps and trims, Sizzix (keys, heart, circle, tags, envelope and pep squad for the alphas), glimmer mists, paint, ribbons, handmade fabric flower, prima, brads ... and lots and lots of foam dots.


shaggyfish said...

wow, a touching story of how you found your the other half!
take it easy with marriage life, motherhood and etc... i built a lot of patience after getting into this.. used to be like so spoilt when i was single! hahaha
oh well...
ya.. is the journey together, have lots of funn.........

smdluxe said...

I found you through 2peas. I love your story!...and me and you both shared the same Valentine's this year (God) :)
Best Wishes