isn't it ironic

Spent the weekend in an awesome retreat, having full expectations that I'm fully charged for the battle of the real crazy life ahead.... but a few hours after we got home, I had a fight with dear hubby :( and it's the very first fight concerning guess-what?

my hobby :(

He has never complained before. Ever. Until last night. Because he was packing for a week's trip to Canada and I never lifted a finger to help him :(

Because I was making this ...

And I was so upset about the whole thing. and one thing led to another .... but I thank God because we are ok now.  He even promised for a movie date when he gets back :)

But i still feel guilty that it was so difficult to finish the project... and when i finally finished it I didn't like it. Looks so unhappy no matter how I try to embellish, stamp: "hope your day shines", used "inspire" die-cut, add mediums... it looks so distressed, and not so inspiring. Like how I really feel inside. Arrrgh! This too shall pass. Tomorrow will be better.

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eMeLiNe Seet said...

don't be so harsh on yourself Gen.. the project looks great 2 me ! hope you're feelin' better already and anticipating the *hot* date! =)