banana cake and a sushi :)

Last week was a little bit too much for me, maybe. Five classes and a few more things-to-do in between. Most days I woke up earlier than usual, stayed up late to finish some work-related stuff. Feeling a little guilty for not giving my boys enough time. The good thing is... what I do is not regular so now I am enjoying a week just for myself and the boys before I hold my last class for this month which is on Sunday :)

Friday. I went home with colds and body ache. Feeling a bit stressed. So to relax, I ended up making a layout for my next class. Yeah, I get stressed of those things yet I tend to un-stress still doing the same things. Hahahaha.

Weekend was lazy. We went to East Coast which, for some reason I didn't like except that we took nice photos which made me think, all is well that ends well... Then some friends came over. JJ. Charlie. Shine and Ryan. Had some usual LQ with hubby (we always do right?). Watched TV a lot.  And prepared these...

banana cake ala Migs (he was watching the whole time
 and announces to everybody he did the baking). 

Sushi. They all loved it.
Well except Ryan who only ate 2. lol.

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