because i think i can

I just want to celebrate my "7 kilograms" success on trying to lose weight! Daily exercise, less rice, lots of fruits and water. I still eat my favorite chips, pastry and pork but not as much as before.  And I think the flu helped me too haha! I managed to monitor my progress to inspire and motivate me. It's at the right --->

I hope to lose 5 more kilograms before my sister-in-law's wedding! I can do it! I believe I can! =)


Leena said...

Congratulations Genevive on your regime!! You look gorgeous as always! Keep it up and I'm sure you'll make it before your SIL's wedding! :)

Benjo said...

Whitwhew!!! Almost there, BB!!! Almost there!!! You can do it! :D

shaggyfish said...

wow!! cool!!! you can do it!