coaster mini album

Using Maya Road and some papers from Crate Paper Toy Box collection, I made this coaster album for MWL's store display featuring my 3 year old Miguel...

At 3, he is able to do a lot of things!

  • reads a book from cover to cover, including those from Dr. Seuss.
  • reads random sentences being shown to him.
  • counts from 1-100
  • counts from 1-100 by 10's
  • can do some simple addition!
  • is able to recognize/read bills and coins! and knows the concept of buying what he wants!
  • prays "Angel of God" and some spontaneous prayer before sleep. It amazes me how he is able to recall the happenings of the day.... and the people involved... 
  • reads time! but would need a little help at times :)
  • sings songs with perfect tune. and he would set up his "sound system" using his toy guitar, microphone, and some accompanying music using some of his musical toys... 
  • asks WHY questions and answers them too.
  • can stay in a back-to-back conversation for a long time, making a lot of adults want to have a chit chat with him :) 
  • rides a trike
  • rides a scooter
  • is crazy over all sorts of vehicles! Cars, trains, fire engines... etc.
  • reads TV show titles. including those from TFC (The Filipino Channel) such us "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" hahaha!
  • has an excellent memory, can oftentimes memorize addresses, plate numbers, etc! 
  • very sociable. loves to be with people. 
  • loves "cooking" and often says he is "Junior Master Chef - Australia" lol
  • is 100% potty trained!
  • so loving, sweet, caring, funny, energetic... and so much more.

We are all so blessed to have you in our life Anak. I love you sooooooo much.... Daddy loves you so much. Kuya is in love with you he can give you a million kisses in a day! And thanks to Tita Mae for loving you and for helping me take care of you too :) 

Thank you for looking!
And Thank you Aida for giving me the supplies for this project :)

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Benjo said...

Everything you said here about Migs is really true! =D Migs, you are such a blessing to the family and we as your parents will do whatever it takes for you and Kuya to grow up as God has planned you to be for His Glory. :D

Beautiful artwork you have here, BB!!! When you love to do things and enjoy doing them, the output is top notch! =)