A letter for Miguel...

Dear Miguel, 

I think I have mentioned before that I blog so that you, my children, and your children's children are able to have a glimpse of our life. One of those moments I want to preserve is your birthday :)

You turned 3 last April 17 and what a day it was! 

You woke up to a simple but certainly special breakfast! I made your favorite chocolate cake, Daddy prepared balloons, and Tita Mae cooked some of your favorite breakfast. Ate JJ was there too! 

 still a bit sleepy

 the cake

 pajama party? :)

reading the card from Tita Min

You were so thrilled, so happy that you couldn't stop talking about everything you saw :) That could have been enough for the day but there was more.... 

We went to Singapore Zoo. The most beautiful zoo in the world! And going there, though unplanned, we took a not-so-ordinary vehicle... a Benz limo :) what a special ride! And "specialness" of the day kept unfolding because once inside the car, you kept on talking and talking to uncle driver until he found out it was  your birthday... so...

He asked us if he could stop at a convenience store to buy you some treat! How sweet was that? I was so happy for you because it is not every day you meet a person like him. Who wouldn't mind about his precious time. Who was glad to "stop and smell the flowers". Who would go an extra mile to make your day a little bit more special in his own way. Another surprise not just for you but for me and Daddy. I thank God for that sweet moment! :)

 ...thank you Uncle! He spent even more than we paid him for the ride :)
but his being with you for a moment is beyond money :) it's priceless!

 Kuya was very happy too!

We were all so excited in the zoo! We've been there as a family a number of times but this time is different not just because it was your birthday but because it was first time for you to go there sans the pram and you are big enough to really appreciate everything including being in charge of the map! 

 daw korek 

Here comes another reason for us to say, God loves you so much He makes everything special for you, and that He approves the idea of not having a big party for your birthday... 

You and Daddy queued for the tickets, when another Pinay who got a privilege card or something approached me if we wanted 50% from our  (adult) tickets! What do you think I answered her? haha! But that's not all! When it was your turn at the counter, the staff found out again it was your birthday and asked us if we could show some ID to prove your birthdate. There was none so I suggested that they ask you, because kids won't lie :) and you said: "April 17!" That got you a free ticket, a free ice-cream from Ben & Jerry's, and a birthday badge! Some staff saw you wearing it and greeted you a happy bday and you answered back: "Thank you! No problem!" hahahahaha! 

Then, your bandmates (I'll upload your vidoe performing as a band soon) Tim and Paul dropped by to give you their present! We all sang a happy birthday song for you to your delight! And that capped your 3rd birthday. Yes, in pajamas! :) 

I hope when you see this post and these photos someday, you will feel and believe how much you are loved by us your family, and by everybody not just because you are really so lovable (see for yourself in my previous post, but because you are you. Thank God for giving us a son as adorable as you. You are an angel in every way. Thank God too that He made that day so meaningful and so special. A kind of birthday you so deserved! I love you very much 'nak. 


P.S. Let's see what Daddy has to say on the comment section of this blog :D

{Click here for more photos: breakfast surprise, zoo part1, zoo part2, bandmates surprise}


Benjo said...

Speechless... teary-eyed... While reading this blog, it put me back to that special day of yours, Migs. It seems like everything is transpiring to tell you how much you are loved and cared for. God really loves you and all of us. I hope and pray that with God's Grace, you and Kuya will grow up for His Greater Plans and Purposes for you both. I love you both next to your mom. :D

Margaret UY said...

its hard holding back my tears while in a bus reading about migs bday. my eyes were welling up in tears but i cried on the top deck, 1st row. random acts of sweetness are not actually random because God actually planned it, it was meant to a surprise. somehow it struck me hard and deep. happy birthday miguel. i love you little boy... in an instant i wouldnt hesitate to steal you but that would kill your mom so i wouldnt.... Hope to see you soooon...