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Lovin' my days lately :)

I prayed for this. And God heard me. I have learned to focus more on the things that really matter. I'm not the usual scatter-brain anymore (so far!). It's funny how God works though. At times, He allows heartbreaks to lead us to something good. Now if only I remember this at all times. So that the next time trouble comes, I'd welcome it with open arms trusting that He is up to something so much better than what I have in mind.

So here's what I have been up to ...

... some hand made stuff to fill my online store soon :)

... a peek at my kitchen!

... and i just wanna document in this blog the invite with a poem I made for my little fellow for his supposed to be picnic party. For some unavoidable reasons, the picnic won't push through ... up to now, we are still not sure how we would celebrate his 3rd birthday.  Whatever we come up with, I just want to make sure he will be happy :) 

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Benjo said...

God is really working! :D You and I will make sure Mig's birthday will be a blast for him!!! Beautiful work you have there! :)