8 years ago...

I got married to Benjo Rulona. May 31, 2003 *flash back with Jim Brickman music* it hasn't been an easy life. For people closest to us, they know we are happily married. Blessed. But we have struggles. Major ones. The hardest struggle is having a child with special needs (that would be a different story, I will blog about it when the right time comes, ok?) But all in all, we are very blessed. It's because of the 3rd person in our love triangle.

God has been our first love. When trouble comes, we look up to HIM. Not immediately all the time. For there are times we falter. But sometimes, even when we fail to be faithful to Him, He is always there to rescue us. He has done so many miracles in our life. I can only look forward to many more challenging and happy years with my family, without fear, knowing that we have a mighty and loving God, taking care of everything!

So as remembrance of our 8th year,  I made this special present for Him and Benjo... A book containing not just photos of our guests, but precious memories of our family, friends, loved ones who witnessed our union and were one with us in sealing our love triangle with God. Can't thank them enough!

Here's a slideshow of what's inside.... 

Happy 8th anniversary Baby! I love you very much! :) 

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Marcelle said...

Hi Genevive,
Happy Aniversary to you!!!
May God bless you and kids today and always!!!!!
Sometimes we have stones on the pathwalk and is wonderful to know someone is next to us holding our hands...