There's no better way to spend "the last day" than say a prayer, to cook a sinful pork meal, dance with hubby and kids in a total of 10 tracks (making them so tired they all sleep) and scrap, most definitely!

This is my "last" layout...

Love this photos so much. It was one candid moment in our bedroom. Naptime. Tickle time. Cuddle time. We do that daily. And when in times I'd forget to have that moment. The little one would say, "Mommy, I want to yab yab (love love) on the bed!" Oh so precious precious everyday moment I will never ever get tired of doing. 

Used toy box and neighborhood collections from crate paper (my latest paper crush!) and to make those heart and star shapes, I used this die:

Do I really think it's the end of the world? Who knows? It could be today. Tomorrow. Next year. Next decade...  I don't really make a big fuss out of the prediction. It could happen anytime. To anybody. That's why I always try to remind myself to choose to be happy each day. To capture each ordinary but genuine moments. To choose  time with family and loved ones over earning more money. I am not saying I have perfectly done it. I falter at times. But it helps to try and try. Little by little. In God's grace. Because only through Him are all these things possible.

But really, though I try to live as if it's my last,  I don't think it's my last day today :D and so I was just joking when I said it's my last layout :D

Hugs to you XOXO :)

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mysocalledpurrplelife said...

might be there in SG this thursday :))