finally friday! video and a shout out!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Made With Love for opening another "heaven" for scrappers in Indonesia! Look what they have prepared for all scrappers out there.... a grand opening celebration workshops by none other than international scrappers we all love... 

And for a "finally friday video"  tradition I am starting now... here's a video treat... especially dedicated to my boys' grannies: Lolopapang, Lolamamang, Mommyla and Daddylo who's watching from heaven. Frankly, I was grumpy earlier this morning but seeing these videos made me feel a bit better :)

Video 1: Kuya seldom dances. So when he did the other day while we were in Orchard (one of his favorite places, thus the happy mood), we were all so happy and I am glad I had my cam ready! 

Video 2: The queue was insanely long, it was raining, but this little fella was excited to go to gymboree. I tried to negotiate with him if we could schedule gymboree next time but he insisted to go and was even so proactive by trying to get a cab! lol! 

That's all folks!  Let's DECIDE to have a good day! :)

1 comment:

Benjo said...

Congratulations to MWL!!! :D are you going there for the opening, BB? hehehe.

Kuya!!! So happy to see your dance moves!! hehehe. pang-macho dancer man to basin mapareha ta sa wowowee!!! LOL!

Migs!!! I was laughing the whole time while watching your video!!! nyahahahah!!!

Love these videos!!! Definitely makes my day!!! :D