finally friday video: Groom My Room

Started this day very early. Walked to the train station with hubby. Took the train with hubby.  Enjoyed the train ride with hubby. Had fun in class. Bought the papers I have been wanting to buy. Went window shopping at Spotlight and Daiso. Ok I bought a few things. Ate alone at Mo's Burger. Felt guilty because I ate at Mo's burger. Went home. Cuddled with my two chubby cheeked boys. Watched Hailey say goodbye to American Idol...blah... blah.. blah...

What was I saying? I am actually lost. lol. I think I wanna have some wine. While I watch this video taken by hubby while I was on TV!!!! Did you hear that? *proud grin* :D


More photos HERE :) 

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Benga said...

Congrats Bebang!
Celebrity na talaga ;)