happy birthday Dulcinea Badilla!

She's the youngest of the 5 of us her siblings. She loves our parents to death.  She is crazy for her nephews and nieces. She loves us all --- her family and vice versa. Today is her birthday so most definitely I shall have a wish for her... Now let me think... She's got the body, the brains (just passed the board as a Criminologist! Congrats!), the money (?), the career she loves, she has almost everything. Except a husband. There! hahahhaha!

So my wish and my prayer for you my dearest sister is that you may find time to attend Word and Eucharist and seek Him, listen to Him, tell Him what you need to tell Him... who knows amo na ang ginahulat ya para maka siguro sya ng Sya gid ang una sa imo heart... the He will tell 'someone'  to ask you to marry him and you will say YES. Hahahhaha. You know naman si Lord kis-a somekinda jelling2 :)

*for my international friends, pardon me for talking in a language only me and my sisters understand. I feel it's best to speak in that manner so she really gets my message lol

Happy birthday manghud! Love you much! Mwah! :)

... Ikea frame + prima stash + color room inspiration = something special!

from Kuya...

from Miguel...

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Benjo said...

Happy birthday, Burache! This is just to say you are very much loved by us! :D Have fun!!!