Is MOTHERS DAY necessary?

For the past years, I really make a big deal out of special days like these. But lately (maybe it's really like this when you get older? Wiser?) I feel like it doesn't really matter. EVERYDAY should be mothers day, birthday, Christmas day.... all the special days that we can think of. Somehow I understand those who say, all these special occasions are just "marketing strategies" of this worlds capitalists.... consumerism in other words.

Life is too short. I believe it is so sad to think that we need to wait for another mothers day to tell our mothers we love them. Who knows if I am still alive tomorrow? It's a cliche but I want to always remember to live my EVERY day as if its my last. So help me my God!

Nevertheless, I still, somehow like mothers day :) so I made these layouts {using Echo Park's Life is Good papers} to honor my  two lovely mothers...

HE is because she is: "You'll know she's the best mom, because he is the best dad and husband"... I always say this, over and over, how blessed I am to have her as my mom-in-law.  So supportive, so understanding, so kind of her affirmations for me. She never gives me a hard time! She respects me as her son's beloved :) She's the coolest...  I love her!

GIRLS just wanna have fun: "Dearest God, If I had my way, I want more kids, more girls... It's more fun, more help when needed, more laughters and tears... most of all, more gifts on mothers day =)" ... I love this photo taken at our home in Bacolod on New Year's Eve... mother complied to our "arte" pouty glam pose hahaha! I love my mother so much. I just want her to be happy always... 

Mothers day tags made of American Cratfs Abode line... so cute are these little cups, saucers and laddle prints! {inside the boxes are my special moist brownies}

One thing that made this day special this year, is that we spent the whole day with our community for a monthly convivence. And I had goose bumps upon listening to the random gospel chosen for the day. It was about the two mothers Mary and Elizabeth. It felt like Jesus was celebrating with us! Awesomeness!

Ordinary scene but sweet moment preserved in our cam: walking towards our block after alighting bus 961 =) 

And our way of celebrating mothers day: PIZZA! We don't usually do this as we think it's expensive than home cooked meal. lol but the boys ate so much! Kuya kept on asking for more. It looks like we are gonna do this often. Di kabayran =)

Now, to answer my post's title: Is mothers day necessary? I believe so... It is very necessary. Everyday. 


Benjo said...

Personally, the best mother's day ever for me and the boys! :D Beautiful works of love you have here to honor both our beloved mothers! :D

Benjo said...

Personally, the best Mother's Day celebration we had!! Lovely works love you have here to honor our two beloved moms! :D I totally agree that Mother's Day or Father's Day should be everyday! :D