Pink bed... pink blanket... pink chair... pink bag... pink manicure set... pinkkkkkk! That's what you can see in her room. You wouldn't believe it when I tell you how old she is (peace Dit! hahaha) because her room is fit for a debutante... a princess. So I think this lamp I altered is just perfect for her.

Showed this to her via skype earlier today and Im so happy she loves it! Even said this is by far the best present I have ever made haha! Thanks to Sizzix for the flowers, cage dies.

Happy birthday manghud! I love you dearly... Thank you for always being there for us. Anytime. Anywhere =) 


jonaks said...

very creative!!! loved this!

Benjo said...

Wow!!! The best gifts are those made beautifully and lovingly. :D Love those rough textures of the dried paint. :D

Happy birthday, Bourgesweet!!! :D hehehe