thankful tuesday: haircut

For the longest time, 3 years to be exact, Kuya didn't want a barber to cut his hair. He would protest with all his might. It's because he has some sensory issues with scissors, clippers and an unfamiliar person touching his hair. There's only one and only person who could ever do the job --- Mommy. In all fairness to me, he looked good in the past 3 years (or so I thought!). We got used to it.  Even Miguel followed the trend. Mommy does the boys hair. Until we saw Junior League @ ToysRus! I figured, the kids might like it there coz of the toys surrounding them, the TV screen showing their favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the balloons, lollipops and stickers!

True enough, Kuya loved it! Was teary eyed seeing him sit still, with little protest but so manageable that Aunty Wenda kept telling me he is a very good boy (and handsome the nth time). What a big surprise that was, Kuya! You made Mommy and Daddy so happy :) 

Miguel's protests were stronger than Kuya! (But of course, it was his FIRST!) But some explanation and a little bit of bribing, he complied and sat on the chair. He cracked us all up when he called our attention saying: "I want lollipop!" Maybe he thought: Since Kuya had it, lollipop must be part of  the process lol *See photos*

Another bonus was the very kind and sweet Auntie Wenda who did all her best to make my boys feel comfy. She's heaven sent. Plus, hubby and I couldn't help being so amused seeing our two boys in green hair and glitters! Super cute! =) That day was really unforgettable. Will definitely miss wearing my "barber" hat but what can I do? Boys grow up. They need a "real" haircut. lol!

Thank You Lord! =)

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