I know these things are just fleeting. They are not the ones that will give me lasting happiness.... but with some stressful and tiring family hullabaloo back home (as if I don't have my own cross and a million concerns too) I am honestly tired. Trying my best to feel ok.

I wish I could just focus on the positive and happy and selfish and worldly stuff ...like being DT? Thank  you Creative Scrappers for making me part of the team (and sorry I had to announce in such a foul mood... I hope I can make it up to you) *sigh

... and thank you so much American Crafts! My goodies for winning the challenge arrived (smile a bit but thinks about problems and frowns again) *sigh

It means, these things can't take those problems away. 
I know what can but too negative to do anything :(


mysocalledpurrplelife said...

hold on..just hold on..breathe in and breathe out...kaya mo na.

liza said...

i know it's easier said than done, but whatever your problem is, try to stay positive and just say that whatever it is, it shall pass... best weapon natin is Prayer.. you can handle it dear. =)

Benga said...

Congrats on the DT stint and on your new goodies!
Look on the bright side, keep the faith! You are in my prayers, God bless.