finally ... my days are better! :)

After a few days of sulking, I started smiling again, yesterday. First,  hubby took me out on a date (with no advance plans). That was a few moments after I silently cried to God my questions, disappointments, doubts, fears about a few things concerning myself and other things. Hubby continues to be an angel who seems to know when I badly need an ice blend coffee, a slice of cheese cake, and a pair of listening ears. Thank you Baby!

Then right after that quick date, we proceeded to meet our group mates for word preparation. God spoke to me. Answered my questions. Took my doubts away. Never felt so loved by Him in the best way ever. So intangible yet so concrete. Didn't involve any material gift (we usually say "God loves me!" when we get a new house, car, a promotion, an answered petition). It was just a few lines from our readings. I felt peaceful. Joyful. Secure.  

I believe I'm back on my feet again! Stay tuned for more "better days" news! Love! Love! Love! :)


Benjo said...

Anytime, BB! That is what I am here for! :D Just want you to be always happy as you deserve to be. God loves you more than I do. :D

raindrop said...

genevive, you looked happie in this pix :) God is good, all the time!