how do you do it?

How do you try to keep or bring back your mojo?  After being away for long, I found myself a little "lost" despite my being happy to be in my happy place once again. One of the remedies that usually works for me is a new magazine ... thank you Sheng! :)

Then I found in one of the pages the exact same cupcake holder I have... and a lot more cool ideas :) see some of my  happy place make-over : 

... this got me working, and in fact I have finished some layouts already! 
I would love to hear how you call your mojo back... Please share! :) 


Sandy Ang said...

I just walk around new places with my camera. trying to look with new eyes. find that inspiration comes in the most unlikely places - graffiti, brochures, shop window displays.

Jona Panesa said...

loved that birdcage. it would be perfect to hold my flowers. I guess I have to go back to SG to buy that. I have to scout here in Manila too for a similar birdcage.