When I am happy...

I get to pray.
I get to create lots of nice stuff.
I get to sing a song.
I get to be sweet and thoughtful.
I get to appreciate and accept who I am.
I get to say no to temptations --- to buy things that I don't need.
I get to reach my goals.
I know how to listen (or I can try my best).
I love life.
When I am happy, my hubby and my sons are happy too.

I have to be HAPPY everyday.  Even though at times, there are a few reasons why I shouldn't be. I have learned to accept that life is not perfect. That my mother will get sick any time. That some people I love will not always have a good and happy and healthy life all the time. That the friends I really want to spend time with can never be around, not when you're many miles apart.

Thanks to God's word. It reminded me of these things. It helps me get my thoughts in order. I'm secure. I stand firm. I am still. He is God.

So because I am happy :) I created lots of stuff yesterday! 12 cards (but I intend to make 2 dozens more so I'm not showing it today haha) and this shadow box I made for newlyweds Charlie and Guada...

There's not much techniques here, just some distressing and layering... thanks to Crate Paper's very lovely Portrait collection. 

That flower is a die-cut using felt and this die. 

Happy to be seeing my layouts at the front page of CCG and Two Peas in a Bucket :) Here are some screen prints :) 

Most of all, I am happy to be spending lots of time with my two adorable yummies... 

"Mommy, look I made a boat!" 

... and this big guy here, taking charge of my mac while I was busy making cards.  He even managed to take a self portrait, including my big butt! lol! And when I checked on him... this was how my desktop looked like: 

Looks like he was busier that Mommy? hahaha! 
Have a nice day! It's my birthday tomorrow! Come back and greet me, ok? lol. 

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