latest events

Was in hiatus for more than a week because of ...

a.  instagram
b.  twitter
c.  Facebook (not much. don't like it a lot these days. when i open it and see the very messy wall i get  so stressed!)
d.  i was lazy
e.  life's so overwhelming  and had so much to tell i didn't know what to do hahaha
f.  all of the above

(Can you guess the answer?)

But i figured just a moment ago (because I'm still not in the mood to blog, to be honest), I want this blog to be a record of my life. All the good and the bad, I try my best to post every happenings and thoughts.... so I'll try, even just through pictures.

Picture #1. Few months ago until last week. I was so scared of the possibility of having melanoma. Would catch myself imagining, getting so worried, crying, thinking what it would be to have it. Paranoia isn't good I tell you.  Saw 5 doctors. Specialists. Cancer ruled out. Thank you Lord for my "new life"! I wasn't scared to die. I was scared of the thought to leave these three guys.... no need to elaborate....

Picture #2.  Was in the company of fun friends. Vincent's birthday at Bonifacio. A Filipino restaurant. Fun night with band and soooo delicious food. Especially the Laing!

Picture #3. Couldn't take the yummy laing out of my mind. Cooked it the following day. Thanks to mother and Nancy and google for making it happen. Thank you Lord coz it was good! Not bad for a first try :) *drooling now*

Picture #3. Last minute farewell bonding before Vanessa left for Germany. So touched because she only had a few hours left before leaving but she gave us time. (Will miss you Vane. Wish we had more bondings while you were here but I understand there are lots of people, loved ones who also wanted to spend time with you).

Picture #4. Mommyla's birthday yesterday. But I'm not sure if she had a very happy one because her brother, Tito Carlit was rushed to the hospital. He passed away Today. (We will miss you Tito. Say hi to Jesus for us).  Made this for Creative Scrappers sketch #175, using Bo Bunny.

Picture #5. Jodi, my favorite pretty, courageous student. Would want to spend more scrapping time with her. She will be the subject of my next mini-album class... Watch out for it! 

Whew! I feel so good after sharing all these pictures and the little stories behind! I realize now how I miss blogging... and whoever you are, reading this now, here's my love and prayers. God's love is just so good to have... and to give away. Goodnight! :)


mysocalledpurrplelife said...

its good to see you back in this crazy blogworld :)

shaggyfish said...

always love your stories in the blog! keep sharing ya!!!
love jodi's garden too!!!
and you take care ya... be positive too... a rainbow for you always!

Benjo said...

You are really a boon to me and to those friends around you. =) Keep your blog alive and touch other people with it, BB! =)