today's good things....

  1. My smile. Now. Because God told me tonight, in our Eucharist, that His love for me is beyond measure. His generosity can never be calculated. Well, He already told me this many times before. But this time it gave me a different feeling :)
  2. Hubby ate not less than 10 pcs. of the coconut macaroons I baked this afternoon.
  3. Full body massage for me and hubby.
  4. The 90's  music I'm listening to right now. I recall my disco and pa cute days haha.
  5. Miguel's "Alpabetong Pilipino" song.
  6. Kuya's very clear request for "honey stars" cereal :)
  7. Fresh buko (coconut) juice.
  8. Cute purse gift from Vivien.
  9. Mass booklet gift from Teray.
  10. Flowers I arranged at the church.
  11. Sally. The flower shop owner who might buy my cards! :)
  12. Skype with Papang, Mamang, Mommy and Juris.
  13. This  pambahay-no-lipstick-tambok-again stolen look bwahaha ---> 

Bless be the Lord who gave me this beautiful day! =)

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