Azkals in Singapore

I'm not a sports fan.  I only get to watch some sports shows when I know somebody playing in one of the teams, or if it's Manny Pacquiao's boxing match. I don't know much about any sports. But this time, hubby asked me out! :)  He hadn't asked me for a date for a long time and I thought it would be exciting to watch Philippines' Azkals vs. Singapore's Lions here in a foreign country!

Although our team didn't win, indeed it was more than just fun! It felt soooo good to see thousands of fellow Filipinos in one venue, cheering together for Azkals. At one point, I kept silent in the midst of shouts and cheers, realizing how much I love and miss my country.

Here is a nicely written article about that event.

My date and I ... most of the time he was busy taking 
photos of the game which is just fine with me because...

 I was also so busy staring at these hunks! LOL! =)

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