I thank the Lord for granting me another day, filled with beautiful things and happy moments, captured by instagram...
  • beautiful lilies and gerberas I just arranged
  • fun train and bus rides... the only thing that can make K and B wake up and take a shower way too early than usual
  • those boxes I made using my latest toy :) so excited to be sharing additional goodies at ThoughtfulCrafts  tomorrow!
  • chocolates. Just love to see the kids and the feeling-kids munch on them with delight! :) 
  • Kuya feeling so comfortable and happy with the community. 
  • Migs enjoying the company of Nene, Judith, Jolene, Joyce and the rest of the young members of our St. Anthony family. 
Life is not insta-picture perfect. It's just that I love to capture happy moments. Because in truth, happy moments are more and bigger than sad ones. All we have to do is be attentive and open enough to capture them! :)

Let's end the week with love... and prayers for all especially those affected by the recent typhoon in the Philippines... 

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Benjo said...

One of the best things in life is to spend worthwhile and quality time with friends and loved ones! :D

Praying for the typhoon victims in the Philippines!