Thankful Tuesday

What makes a great weekend?

  • a friend coming over for an unplanned bonding
  • a feel good movie marathon (like 2 weeks notice & definitely maybe)
  • a homemade dessert (or better yet, dessertsssss!)
  • 2 handsome boys impatiently checking the oven if the dessert Mommy bakes is ready *loooove it!*
  • a walk around the block with a macho man (lol!)
  • a quiet me-time in the bedroom with books, notebooks and pens, with the air-con on... while all the rest forgot you're there!
  • Holy Eucharist
  • not spending anything except for groceries
  • forgetting about exercise and just eat eat eat (uumm, I'm not so sure of this one)

....check to all the items on the list! Looks like we had a great weekend! Thank you Lord for giving us joy and contentment in things like these. Thank you Criste for the visit! Hanggang sa susunond =D

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