thankful tuesday

I feel a little sad about a few things.

I thought I was being thoughtful to somebody, but it looked like that somebody didn't like what I did.
I was so excited to spend time with my family this Christmas but I found out this morning, one of my sisters will be spending Christmas somewhere else.
I have been trying very hard to lose weight, but the more I do, the more weight I gain!


Should I stop being thoughtful? No. I will still be the same person I am, Because I know there are more people out there who know how to appreciate. Besides, I should not expect anything in return when I do something for others :)

Should I feel bad towards my sister? No. I will understand and I wish her all the happiness she deserves. Besides, she will be with my brother's family. I'm sure my brother will be so happy too.

Should I quit exercising? And eat as much as I want? No. I will still keep going. It may take long but I know I will achieve my ideal and dream weight. Maybe God will grant me my desired weight when He sees that I'm not doing it for vanity reasons but for good health and well being.

Those few things are but so little compared to the great blessings God gives each day.  Like what happened yesterday morning after breakfast...

... I wanted to take photos of my projects, and I had to go down for better and natural lighting. Suddenly hubby and the boys wanted to come along.  So even in their pajamas, it was an instant "picture perfect" moment :)

... thanks to this guy for the very lovely photos!


CAT said...

be happy bang!

i like the pictures, all of it!

salme said...

Ang masabi ko lang ha wag mo na lang batiin ulit, so baddddddd advice... ^;^

Love the photos, ang galing!

Marcelle said...

What wonderful photos of you and your boys!
Regarding losing weight, I have seen you in person and you are not fat at all. Keeping eating everything( healthy food ;) but maybe smaller portions and more often. And cut the white rice and bread and you will see it. It worked with me.
And it is ok a little vanity otherwise God wouldant make you a woman, it is not sin wanting to look good.
There is a saying I like a lot:
Look after yourself and you will be able to look after your loved ones even better. Be happy with yourself and you will make everyone around you even happier.
Have a lovely day!

meowieiam said...

hey mama bebs, first of all thanks for droppin on my super unattended blogs and I may not be the perfect person to send replies back the soonest its better late than not doing it all. Anyhoo..we have our disagreements in life,perspectives etc etc..but nevertheless when it concerns to friendship it is always seemed hard to explain. Whether we like it or not, the truth hurts. But just do what you love to do and don't expect things turn out that way it supposed to be is a great thing to do..let's talk. have a great one!