Dear Lizzy's latest Neapolitan line spells F-U-N! Creating a page and some cards with it is so easy and stress free... It's water color themed designs are so refreshing! And have you seen the stamps? Love!

See more cards and crafts HERE.

The layout tells of how grateful I am to God for this life I have. Far from perfect. Lots of struggles and difficulties but with no doubt a very meaningful and happy life.... A loving and supportive husband, 2 adorable kids, one quirky and silent the other one so bubbly and talks and does his things nonstop. I also want to make mention my cousin, my helper who's been with us since my oldest son was 4 months old. So thankful for a great and trustworthy help wo loves my kids. Makes me feel at peace when I'm away for work =) 

Work! It's also something I am grateful for. A regular 4 hour/day work is just perfect for me. Doing the things I love while still having an ample time to be with my kids in the morning. I always look forward to my busy mornings preparing them for school, doing my crafts, exercise and I get to dress up everyday. Train rides allow me to think deeper, pray more and tinker with my phone guilt-free haha! 

I believe if I had to tell you all, I may never want to stop. I just feel SO BLESSED and my prayer today is that God will always give me the grace to REMEMBER this feeling, this TRUTH. That I am blessed, that He LOVES me.  Eventhough many times I hurt him with how I easily judge others, how terribly selfish I am in my decisions, priorities and actions... how I miserably fail to be consistent in my prayertime... still He loves me. Where can you find a God as loving as that? 

May we all have a spirit-filled Lenten Season! 

papers, stamps (American Crafts, Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Collection)
dew drops (Robin's Nest)
others: buttons, twine, thread for stitching

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liana suwandi said...

i love the way you use dear lizzy... and congrats Gen!!!!