Easter recap...

Easter is the most important part of my Christian Life. How can I ever not post about it? Promptly? Sigh. Just too many things in my plate right now. But each day I thank the Lord for the grace to do all things through Him who strenghtens me :) With Him at my side I can ganbatte!

So though I'm like 2 weeks late, I shall share with you my Easter 2012 memories...

... I was assigned by our responsible to make the easter egg baskets for the kids of the whole community who like us adults, would stay awake for the Easter Vigil from almost midnight up until the vigil is finished. By finished it means about 6 am. My Miguel slept halfway through the event. We'll see next year how it goes :)

... We dress our best! Taking this photo and going to the very special and grand celebration without Kuya is a sign that I have accepted and kissed one of my crosses. Now, I don't feel that pain anymore if Kuya can't be with us in occasions such as this. It is part of His plan. I love Him. I believe He loves me. I trust and obey Him. But God is full of surprises. Who knows what  next year would be like? *looking up to heaven*

... our community was so excited that we were the first to arrive!

... One of my fave photos. Two little boys. Future cantors of the community.

... Like father like son. Thanks to Jimmy Badilla and Flor Badilla of Jimflors for the handpainted barongs!

... There were many times during the celebration when I got teary-eyed. This is one of them. Cecilia, mother of seven (three of them belong to our community) answering her son's question: "Why is this night so different?" It was so honest, sincere, pure and so inspiring.

... we all look forward to this :) 

... and this! :) 

... and most especially this? ^ LOL! Easter recap to be continued soon! Thanks for staying with me up til here. Christ is risen! He is truly risen! =)

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