He is 4!

And he knows what he wants!

... Timmy Time!

... green cupcakes! 

... goodie bags made by Mommy, Daddy and gues who? Clue: he wrote his name on each of the goodie bag! =)

... fun with classmates!

... with his beloved Teacher Sam. He loves her I am already worried for moving-up day goodbyes :(

... Mommy, Daddy and balloons! Kuya was not there because he's in school too. We wish you were here Kuya.

... Make a wish!  Say a prayer!

Little things. BIG BIG SMILES! :) I love you Bebelablab. Mommy is so busy for your birthday part 2 tomorrow. A well deserved party with your playmates! 

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liana suwandi said...

happy birthday to miguel... mom did a awesome job! TC