Life That Never Ends

... that's what I have been thinking of for the past one hour, since our catechist gave us tonight's word and a little introduction for our first scrutiny. A very significant event we are holding here. I can't wait to discover what's in for all of us, and experience the rest of the retreat tomorrow and the next couple of days. 

Meanwhile, let me share some interesting photos taken by me and hubby :)

   They didn't meet and plan for an Orange Team  get up, did they? 

Our baby so happy to hold Malaysian ringgit. This was when we were at a hawker center for some refreshment, right after our bus trip.

Hahaha. Love them much much more than they love Fruit Ninja. I hope they feel it. 

Peace. Pink nails. Love.

B w/ Pretties Thecla and Jolene.

This happens always. I am so blessed. 

Birthday girl. Love from all of us, Joyce! 

Handsomes. Cool ones. What's my everlasting life without you?

More tomorrow.... love from Malaysia! XOXO :)

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