Happy Teachers Day!

Thank you, dear Teachers, for loving our children like your own. You deserve to be honored not just today but every day. The world is better and brighter because of you. May you be blessed with joy and good health always, as you carry out your vocation. Thank you thank you so much! 

... my go-to friends when I have to make gift packaging such as these bags: Eclips and a paper stack. Life is so much easier and really fun! 

... pretty bag, with a little surprise inside, adorned with a simple stamped tag, twine and a white prima flower.

... ready for delivery! :) 

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greeting card for teachers day said...

A teacher moulds us and in the process shapes our future. What we learn from our teachers remains with us throughout our life giving us direction. But very often, we fail to show our appreciation and gratitude for their devotion. Teachers do need encouragement and support from the community to feel that their efforts are being recognized.