mahal mahal kita

I love you too, Miguel! What better way to preserve this precious letter from you than to make a scrapbook layout and blog about it ... 

I remember that day when my PMS was at it's highest I think.  I secretly cried at work because Mae,  kept on posting photos of Miguel's letters for her and photos of the boys playing at home. What? I used to be the  one doing that? That's my job! I got so jealous and hated the fact that I'm a working mom. I missed those stay-at-home days, but more than that, I feared that my kids will adore Mae more than me! Poor insecure mom... 

Then, when I got home, he gave me this! I cried again... LOL! I realised, I will always be his mommy, and no matter how many letters he makes for Tita Mae, I shouldn't feel sad, in fact, I should be happy that while I was away,  he and Kuya are with someone they love and trust... Thank God for Mae :) 

Okay, enough of the drama! LOL! Here are some close ups: 

... have you seen this scissors from Martha Stewart? Used it to make this paper fringe. Super cool!

... at the top right portion of my page, is a little envelope holding my reply to Migs :) 

... these photobooth shots are perfect for the page, they are small enough, so they never steal the limelight from my son's cute hand writing which is the star of the whole layout! 

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Benga said...

Awww so sweet naman!