simple but not empty

That's how I describe by life these days. Simple. So near to Him.
  • Home most of the time. Enjoying the house that is at times messy but on good days, so neat and clean. I just love a clean and a good smelling house filled with simple stuff, most of them white.
  • Playing with the boys, mostly tickling and laughing out loud. 
  • Able to play with my guitar more. I am currently learning "How Lovely are Your Dwelling Places" one of my favourite songs  in the community =)
  • Watching movies with my love over a cheap red wine.
  • Spending quiet time with myself and my crafts. Making thoughtful gifts and cards such as these... 

... a gift box for Kuya's Case Manager/Social Worker in school.

... a simple birthday card for an officemate's friend. 

Click here if you want to order customized cards, gift boxes and scrapbook projects. Have a great week! 

Gen :) 

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