Card and Tags for Robin's Nest

These pretty little things made me busy the past week. Like, I couldn't do anything else but these. Just kidding :) I think it's pretty normal because it's my very first post for Robin's Nest as a design team member. So it's a mixture of excitement, fun and a bit of stress too lol!


 The card and tag kits I used here are on SALE right now and I have shared some simple tutorials and and detailed photos of my projects HERE. You should go check it out! :) 

Thanks for the visit... and extra thanks in advance if you say "Hi!" at the comments section below :D 
See yah! 
Love, Gen 


Camille Short said...

Your projects are beautiful! I love the variety!

salme said...

Love them, Bang! galing galing, congrats!

Genevive said...

Thank you Camille and Sookie! :))