dancing in the rain

Life in not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. That's how I live my life. And what better way to interpret that wisdom than using these teardrops to make colorful raindrops? =)

... living in the moment, accepting everything good and bad, with faith and total trust in Him is HAPPINESS. Our life on earth is temporary and short. We better not waste our time on feeling sorry or anxious about anything. They are given to us for a reason. And if we believe that God loves us, why worry?  Dance in the rain! =)

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Brenda Burfeind said...

This is wonderful. Great job using the tear drops

SamSam said...

saw this on your FB page and super love the colorful raindrops =)

Genevive said...

thanks so much Brenda and SamSam! :)