diaper cakes make me happy

Hello! This week is really nice to me. Even though at this very moment, there's a renovation (again!) right at the top of our unit. This homeowner seems to really like renovating. A lot! But I love the fact that this doesn't make me upset.  That's my definition of a "nice week" Nothing special. No specific good news. This is  always  my prayer: "Lord,  give me anything, I will take it.  But whatever it is, just make sure that you make me handle it with a happy disposition". So there. He gave me my neighbor's Grand Renovation but I got no migraines. Just smiles and a happy mood. Thank you God!

Speaking of happy, check out what I made! A diaper cake... a very memorable project for me. Lol. I was having a valentine-related skirmish with dear husband but somehow making crafts especially diaper cakes gives you a happy spirit without knowing it. So I totally forgot about my bad feelings and before I knew it I was already chatting and laughing with my enemy. Waaaaah! :D

Back to the cake. I would like to thank my friends Sheryl and Jay for assigning this to me.... my second diaper cake ever. Love love love making these and I hope to make some more.. so people, make more babies please!!! :D:D:D

Ingredients: Ribbons, die-cuts, handmade flowers, tulle, a straw, buttons and a teether :)

Check out my diaper cakes album HERE  =) 


Mickey Foz said...

Gusto ko din nyan, Ninang!^__^

Genevive said...

ay syempre naman di ako papayag na walang ganyan si Baby Gwen :)

Mickey Foz said...

Yehey^__^ thank you, Ninang!;)

Baby G! =)

SamSam said...

Hi Gen, Love the diaper cake! super pretty! have you ever made a boy version? hehehe

Genevive said...

hi SamSam,

Haven't made a boy version yet.. maybe soon! haha :)