Terry Fox Run

In making this page,  I challenged myself to create a simple smash-inspired layout using just anything I can see in my catch-all tray + stickers and stamps within reach. I made this in one sitting one afternoon, making sure I won't lift my big butt until it's done. Just one of my spur-of-the-moment past time haha! Time was 34mins. It was really fun. Try it when you're bored and mojo-less. 

Terry Fox Run was a fun and memorable event for us. Especially that we saw how Kuya loved running! See his toothless smile... 

Miguel didn't like it at first. I guess because we woke him up so early. But when I challenged him to race towards Daddy, he started to enjoy :)

... and the fun continues! Although seeing from the photos, it's so obvious we were among the last to finish! =)

... 4KM-ish (because Miguel and I stopped somewhere, and took a short cut lol!)

... sorry for the burry photo but I have to post this. You know why right? :)

... it wouldn't be called fun without a JUMPSHOT!

 ... and a little bit of begel begel moments hahaha


... a training on levitation.

... friends and office mates.

One of the many blessings of having autism in the family is discovering that there are so many simple but FUN things available for our family to enjoy, most of them cost nothing. Like having picnics, strolling, biking, going to the beach, swimming in the pool. The latest addition to that list is joining family fun runs. And by run, I mean 10% run and 90% walk. Bwahaha!


SamSam said...

Love this when I saw this page on your FB. I think I m going to challenge myself doing the same thing too! Scrap or smash something on my desk or tray only :) thanks for sharing!

Genevive said...

It's really fun to do! Promise :) very relaxing.. unless you time yourself up? haha!

*Dream Weaver* said...

I went for the Terry Fox Run last year for the first time. It was an enjoyable experience and although I walked 99.9% of the way, I was happy to have been involved. After loosing my Mother In Law and several relatives to cancer recently, it was good to give back in whatever small way possible.