This guy.

As much fun as it is creating this School Portfolio cover page, the best part was having random thoughts about this guy while making it...

  • His teacher Ms. Sya, in our recent parent-teacher meeting, told me he loves to help his classmates... and "help" means he will literally do his classmates' work. He would hop from one desk to another "helping". I had to do a heart to heart talk with him after that. 
  • He is very independent. I think he can already go to school by himself. Honest!
  • He talks a lot. 
  • Like the other day, he was the one talking with the doctor about his cough, his fever, his vomit moments... I just sat there quietly, feeling useless. haha!  
  • He loves his elder brother. He always thinks about him, helps him, whatever he has, he wants Kuya to have... Wherever he goes, Kuya should go too.... and he knows Kuya loves him too. Kuya kisses him all the time! But this morning, he told me: "Mommy, I don't want Kuya to kiss me too much. Just "sometimes" but not too much." 
  • Last night, while some sisters from church, hubby and I were busy in our church-related meeting, he was busy writing and cutting some papers... apparently he made valentines cards for each of our visitors with their names on it! I had no words just seeing him distribute these cards to the delighted recipients =) 
  • I have more bullet stories to share but I'll save it for another day.... 

... started this page with the photo at the center then randomly added the papers, the alphas and washi tapes. 

See you soon! :) 

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