ThoughtfulCrafts Tuesday: Valentine Mini Pocketbooks

Love. Love. Love! It's a few days before the Love Day and if you're still brainstorming on what to give your loved ones, sweethearts, babe, honey... Look no further =) Check out the latest product I have designed for ThoughtfulCrafts. Mini pocketbook kits

you: Pocketbook? Like the Sweet Valley High thingy? (nyahaha! lame joke! lol!)
me: No!  It's not the novel pocket book. lol! I call it pocket book because it is a mini scrapbook that has 8 pockets inside. (explaining seriously)
you: Okay. Show me. 

Kit includes: 

A blank  book of your choice
 (Hurry! I only made 12 so  first come first served ) 

12 stamped tags + all handmade embellishment pack

stamped images and sentiments that you can cut and use to fill up those pockets with your very own little cards, notes, tags etc!


A step by step instruction with photos (in a PDF file format) to guide you on how to make it! Because I  believe that handmade gifts, especially those that are made by you means so much more that store-bought ones :)

However, I also understand if you got NO TIME to make it. Let me make them for you. FREE! Just let me know *wink!*

you: Oh I see! Where and how can I get them?
me: Very good question! You can get them from HERE =) 

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