I love him!

First time I noticed as I watched him deliver his message was that, he seems very charming. Smiles a lot, jokes, and so humble that he asked the people to pray for him. And for the first time, unlike other popes and religious leaders, he speaks using very simple words! I liked him immediately so I googled more about him and these are some few things I found:
  • He refused the papal car and chose to take the bus with the cardinals.
  • He picked up his luggage from the hotel and paid his own bills
  • During the dinner with the cardinals, he did not sit on the "raised" chair and sat instead with the cardinals.
  • He responded to a toast with a remark: "May God forgive you for what you have done".  
  • Humble 
  • Simple. Very simple in his lifestyle, and even in speech!
  • He kisses the feet of AIDS patients.
  • He prays with prostitutes.
  • Gentle but firm.
  • Loving but fearless. 

It is with no doubt, I can say, that the Church is in good hands. It is with gratefulness to God for giving us a wonderful guy, the coolest Pope ever to inspire and help us in our journey of salvation.

My kudos, admiration and huge love goes out to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for choosing to die to himself, stepping down so that others may live, truly following Christ's example. I believe he was anointed to make such decision knowing that in his advanced age and failing health, someone else is more fit to do the duty. It needs an extraordinary amount of courage and humility to do what he did.

... the Pope in a bus with the cardinals. He is so ordinary the "elite" and the "sosyalan" will hate him LOL :P 

... the 3 beloved Popes in my lifetime together in one photo! All 3 are supporters of the NC Way! I'm at the right track. A very narrow track though. 

On a personal level,  I am filled with joy to find out just this morning, that the Pope has always been very close with the initiators of Neocatechumenal Way, has always shown his affection and support to the way and has even celebrated the Eucharist with the community in various occasions. It double confirmed my hunch! I could feel it already. He seems to WALK the neocatechumenal way TALK: simplicity, humility, and love for the cross. 

I'm just so happy! it feels like Easter came early :) 

Long live POPE FRANCIS!!! 

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Genevive said...

update: he was a little devil! hahaha! http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/299413/news/world/pope-francis-remembered-as-a-little-devil-at-school