Singing with my crush. Don't worry dear husband he is just a crush. You are my love :D
Busy with Easter goodies
Trying my best to forget my migraine.
Tea time with Momi Tin.
Cooking this and this.
Anticipating Easter Vigil. The most important night of the year.
Clinging on to Him so as to maintain my heaven in this chaotic and sometimes very tiring and not so heavenly world...

The last one is quite deep and sensitive =) I wish to talk more about it with  tea and a cheesecake with a dear friend or a family. I sometimes hate that they are so far from where I am. I CAN SMELL HOMESICKNESS.

Change topic.

Here's one of the minis I have done for a workshop long ago for Jodi. I miss this beautiful kid.

Wishing you love and peace this Lenten season...

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