He is 5

I remember many friends telling me: "Time will come when your kids won't let you kiss them anymore." I think that happens to me really sooner than I expected. That's what makes this day not entirely a HAPPY day *sob*

It is a very happy day for Miguel, the birthday boy. But not for me as his mom. Because today, I felt how "grown up" he already is. He no longer wants my cuddles and kisses and he seems to be so busy all the time! :(

Like one day, shown in this video, he just suddenly decided he wants to "therapy" Kuya. I was laughing and crying at the same time seeing him interact with his brother! He understands that his brother has autism and has to do lots of therapy to be able to speak more the way he does.. he always has got so many questions about Kuya and I try to answer him as much as I can. Mostly emphasizing the need for him to understand and help his brother. He would nod seriously. But I didn't really expect him to be so responsible this soon!

There. He does his brother's speech and OT. He makes his lists. He plans his day. He knows what he wants. He even wants to have his own facebook (no way!)  AAAARRRGHHHGHH! I am not ready yet. I still want my baby. Sigh. What to do?

... I hope it doesn't look like we forced him to smile in these photos. BECAUSE HIS MIND WAS SOMEWHERE ELSE AT THIS TIME ---> CLASSMATES WAITING FOR THE CUPCAKES. 

Daddy took really nice photos of his birthday in school and with Kuya at home but I feel very tired now so this will do.  Baking his requested blue-cupcakes-with-sprinkles and making his goodies and staying in his school for 6 hours (with his Dad! so we dated too haha) today on top of all the other things is no joke eh?  Will share more photos soon. Goodnight. God is good. 

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Alice Charles said...

Proud of you Migs!! Well done Big Boy!!