Just Happy In My Happy Place :)

Thanks to those who responded to the giveaway. It is still open, please visit here.  Okay. I am happy now :) Because at this point in my life. I am doing what I love.

  • being with the kids at home
  • and being with them in school anytime they need me there 
  • doing my crafts
  • teaching without having to leave the house
  • planning menu
  • cleaning and organizing
  • taking photos
  • keeping in touch with loved ones
  • making gifts
  • wrapping gifts
  • selling
  • blogging
  • managing my online shoppe, ThoughtfulCrafts

Life is short. I must do my passion now. I must spend more time with the kids now. I must do the little things now. Even when it means, having to try to live really simply. Having to walk to the market everyday because it's cheaper than going to Cold Storage. Having to take the bus. Having to stay at home for the weekend. Having to love and appreciate what I already have. And forget about what I wish to have. 

But aren't these the things that really give us genuine joy? The little things? 

So I am happy. Thankful to dear hubby for being so supportive and responsible for providing us our needs and some wants at times :) Even more thankful to him for going with me to the Autism Partnership seminar last Saturday. I like going to talks with him. Maybe because it is in such event we met first. 2002 Singles for Christ International Leaders Conference. Haha! Sweet.

Most of all, I thank him for taking the boys out for swimming. So I could do my thing ... 

... happy ladies in my happy place! :)

... busy hands! 

... don't you just love the beautiful mess? :)

... finished layouts. Thank you ladies! :)

Yes. We scrapped! ThoughtfulCrafts' very first workshop was a blast! Thank you Mariae, Joan, Evie and Alice for being the first to respond to my invitation... can't wait for next time.

So I am happy. I am blessed. Not because I have a lot. I am happy because I have learned to appreciate the little, the simple and the now. I pray that I will stay this way :)

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